The List

101 things in 1001 days

  1. Take part in a bouldering competition
  2. Get comfortable lead climbing
  3. Climb Kilimanjaro (impossible?  no.  improbable?  wait and see…)
  4. 10 chin-ups in one set
  5. Make time for more climbing outside (real rocks, not the gym)
  6. Get across the climbing gym ceiling (this one really could be impossible)
  7. Use flylady to get morning and evening routines under control.
  8. Find a routine to add spiritual practice into my day.
  9. Make it a habit to do the Lifetime Fitness Ladder every day.
  10. Find out about teaching at the universities near where I live.
  11. Learn about website SEO and internet marketing.  Do more of it.
  12. Get a TEFL qualification – because I think teaching English would be incredibly rewarding.
  13. Start a blog about my technical field
  14. Keep my food blog alive and kicking.
  15. Go vegetarian for a month
  16. Have a dinner party once a month
  17. Take better food photos
  18. Make a cook book
  19. Bake my own bread.
  20. Make a ginger bread house
  21. Make my own cheese
  22. Go on a picnic
  23. Cook Christmas Lunch
  24. Make tofu
  25. Try 10 new restaurants
  26. Take a cooking class
  27. Teach
  28. Visit Africa
  29. Grow Strawberries
  30. Get solar panels for the house
  31. Move into the house
  32. Have a veggie patch
  33. Do 100 pushups
  34. Be able to run 5km
  35. Go in an adventure race
  36. Go mountain biking in at least 3 places
  37. Make my own chalkbag
  38. Make Christmas Presents
  39. Send Christmas cards on time
  40. Weigh under 60kg
  41. Investigate monetizing my blog
  42. Get a paid SEO Consultant job
  43. Have an emergency fund
  44. Track my spending for a month
  45. Listen to more music
  46. Read more books
  47. Practice speaking French
  48. Do some volunteer work
  49. Get a new computer
  50. Get a digital point & click camera
  51. Take better food photos
  52. Do meditation with Kosta
  53. Visit New Zealand
  54. Play a full netball game at Centre
  55. Make something with fused plastic bags
  56. Laser hair removal
  57. Get eyebrows shaped
  58. Get eyelashes tinted
  59. Do a Turkish Bellydance class
  60. Do a bellydance performance
  61. Build a production ArcGIS Server instance
  62. Make a compost bin
  63. Do a 10 day hike
  64. Make an emergency kit
  65. Sell something on etsy
  66. Learn how to service my car
  67. Organise photos
  68. Try drumming
  69. Start a blog about this list.
  70. Give blood
  71. Try ‘no complaining’ for a month
  72. Find out about getting a British passport
  73. Don’t drive to work (on a regular basis).
  74. Create a will
  75. Print & hang some wedding pictures
  76. Go to the zoo
  77. Move all food photos to flickr
  78. Pay off credit card
  79. Get jewellery making stuff
  80. Hot air balloon ride
  81. Watch question time at parliament house
  82. Update gratitude journal weekly (so far!)
  83. Write happiness commandments
  84. Participate in random acts of kindness
  85. See a concert
  86. Write Ryan a love letter
  87. Write a poem
  88. Go on a trip by myself
  89. Have a massage
  90. Have a card night
  91. Make a birthday book
  92. Watch a sunrise
  93. Watch a sunset
  94. Take Mum on a holiday
  95. Find a spiritual practice for everyday.
  96. Make a new list.

12 responses to “The List

  1. The blank items are very very mysterious and intriguing. First, it was 27, 42, then it was 87… I think they must be secret, covert items! Let me know when you take that hot air balloon ride!

    Love lists like this.

  2. The blank stuff is pretty boring, just doctors appointments I have to make – stuff like that. Thanks for checking it out!

  3. Hola Kazari!
    It’s totally awesome to run into you across the interwebs to find you’re a Canberra-ite just like me 🙂 And I’ve got my own “Things to do this life” list too @
    We’ve totally got similar interests too.. it’s amazing we haven’t run into each other before 🙂

  4. That’s quite an impressive list! Climbing Kilimanjaro?? Wow. Very cool. 🙂

  5. I love the list! Keep it up…you’ll get there. I am totally addicted to breadmakers….there’s one thing to cross off your list. You can always find them at op-shops or garage sales…we got ours for free! I also like the chin-ups goal…mine is simply to do one. Sad, isn’t it?!?!

  6. Love this list. Love the concept. You may have inspired me …

  7. Great list!!! Love it!

  8. I like your list very much …I have one on my blog too ….I love stealing ideas!

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  10. OMG I love this list!!! It is so adventurous and exciting! All the best for your totally cool challenge.

  11. I like 71. I can’t even do that for a whole day (yet).

  12. Nice blog. I’m doing 40 challenges for my 40th year. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog some more. I found it via Clare Grant’s three beautiful things blog. Good luck with your challenges.

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