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A big realisation about work.

I just realised I’m not in the wrong profession – I’ve just spent four years doing the wrong job.


Reverb10: Action

December 13 – Action

When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

(Author: Scott Belsky)

I’ve talked about not having life goals before.  I can never seem to pick just one dream.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not moving forward.

I’m writing a lot.  My next step there is to start submitting things.

I’m looking for a new day job.  I’ve polished up my CV, and started watching the job boards, but my next step is to talk to all my old work buddies.  I know exactly what sort of job I want, and I have time to be selective.  Now I just have to go looking.

The year of radical change

I hereby dub 2010 my Year of Radical Change.

I started out a new mother, with a baby only 14 days old.  I do not remember New Year’s Day at all.  In July, when the baby was refusing to sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time, I became a single mother.  I don’t remember much of that month, either.  But I remember that conversation.

Now, with the end of the year in sight, I am becoming an unemployed single mother.  A day after returning to work, I’ve been made redundant.  That was one meeting I don’t think I’ll ever forget.


what next?


Embracing the unknown

I’m having a very teary day today.  Was it on Jen Lee’s blog that I read ‘Faith is forward motion’?  Today I’m having trouble moving.

I’m not really worried about the baby coming… that feels like inevitability now.  There’s just so many unknowns. Christmas is impenetrable – will there be two or three of us?  If the baby comes by then, will my mum be here?  What sort of food should I be planning?  I’m usually excited about Christmas plans by now, but this year it seems I can’t make any.

I don’t even know when I’ll start maternity leave.  It sounds conceited, but I’m not sure how things will run without me.  There’s a few technical things I haven’t been able to hand over properly.  My manager has even discussed me working from home for a while, before the baby comes.  This makes me nervous… I’d rather just be done with it.

My body is changing so rapidly at the moment, I’m no longer sure what I’ll be able to do from day to day.  Sitting at my desk – or just sitting still anywhere – is increasingly difficult.  The baby is making it’s presence felt.  I’m wishing more and more I knew if it was a boy or a girl, because it seems increasingly inappropriate for such a strong presence to have no name.

I know this attitude isn’t helping.  I know I need to find a way to move forward, despite all the what if’s.

So that’s my wish for this week: I wish to embrace the unknown.

What are you wishing for?

The golden river

Money is a funny thing.  There’s so many ways to think about it.  I’m a frugal gal at heart, mostly based around a belief that I truly need very little.  And the less I really need, the more money I have left over for things I want.

In ‘Puck of Pooks Hill’ there’s a story describing the flow of money through the lands as a river of gold.  If you paid attention and knew where to look you could follow it’s ebbs and flows and find your fortune.  In the story, the gold becomes a mechanism to free the people, but there’s constant allusion to it’s power to corrupt.

I like Leonie’s idea better, that an exchange of money is the visible part of a deeper exchange of energy.  So spending is a way to send your energy out into the world.  It’s a way to honour what you truly value. 

This month I’ve given up money to value my time.  I have Tuesdays off to honour my intention to write and to study.  It’s a pay cut, but one I’m glad to take.  Four days a week at work is so much more fun than five!


there’s been a bit of a shift at work.  There’s a position opening up that could be a promotion for me.  It would require luck, synchronicity, and a lot of support from management, but what if?  What if I could get the promotion AND stay at four days a week? 

The raise would balance out the part-time, and I’d be back on the same money I had before.  I’d have more interesting work, and I’d still get my time to write!

I really believe the universe created this opportunity just for me, because I took the risk and chose less.  She is honouring my faith in the abundance she can provide.

So this is my most sincerest money wish.  To have my cake and eat it, too.

Happy wishing!

On the subject of brilliance at work

Once upon a time I had a job where I was brilliant.  It was my third position in that organisation – I’d been buried deep in server stacks, learnt all the technical stuff, and had a good understanding of how the whole agency worked.  I hit the ground running.  I knew my job, I knew the key players, I knew what they needed and I was passionate.  I came up with creative solutions, I trained and mentored, I could talk people through the ramifications of their decisions and give them options.  I was the problem solver, and if I couldn’t fix your problem, I could find the person who would.  I didn’t just build a network there, I made friends and allies.  I understood the politics, I managed up and managed down, and I achieved a couple of things that people thought impossible.

And then I moved inter-state.

These days I’m not feeling brilliant about what I do (did you notice?).  That’s why I’ve been trying to change-up my work.  As I focus on potential futures, I’m finding it harder and harder to tackle my everyday job.  But I’ve had an a-ha moment.  Why couldn’t I be brilliant in this job, right now?  I haven’t got any less smart and I’ve gained experience.  I think all I’m lacking is some motivation and deliberate communication.  So what would brilliant look like in my current job?

  • I would be passionate.
  • I wouldn’t procrastinate.
  • I would clear my to-do list.
  • I would volunteer for more of the after-hours work.
  • I would read-up more on the software we use and do more on-line training.
  • I would ‘get around to’ the jobs we’ve been collectively avoiding.
  • I would do more documentation.
  • I would get in before my boss, and leave later, too.
  • I would talk to my users more, and keep in touch with what they were working on.
  • I would make sure my boss, and his boss, knew what I was working on.
  • I would keep a list of achievements.
  • I wouldn’t complain about my job or my colleagues : )
  • My timesheets would be up to date.
  • I wouldn’t get bored.
  • I would have a better elevator speech.
  • I wouldn’t have piles of paper on my desk.
  • I would know which pieces of paper were important.
  • I would be better at keeping my network connected.


  • I would build better relationships with my key people.

I think I’d enjoy it more, too.

How would your work be different if you were brilliant at your job?

In which there are rocks…

Yesterday we went bouldering at Black Range.  I picked up a lump of Rose Quartz.  Rose quartz encourages positive energy and anything to do with hearts and romance.  So I’m going to give it to negative Phil.

It can’t hurt.