Reverb10: Five minutes

I bring you five minutes of parenthood I hope I never forget:

  • I have him in my arms as we walk to the car.  I kiss him on the head, out of habit – but this time, for the first time, he smiles in response.
  • On a friends lap in a cafe, he plays with teaspoons.  I’ve been trying to get him to try solids for weeks, with no success.  He won’t let anything near his mouth.  But today he opens his mouth wide for a teaspoon of hoummus… and then wants more.
  • Intent on the contents of the box, he picks up one toy, then another.  He doesn’t realise that he no longer has a hand on the box for support.  When he sees us watching, he claps the blocks together and sits down laughing.
  • I’ve put him to bed and he’s yelling in outrage.  I’m at the door, ready to go in, when he starts blowing raspberries instead, and singing to himself.  I run away to laugh out of earshot.
  • He is perplexed by the open screen door at grandma’s house.  He sits on the threshold; lean out – lean in, lean out – lean in.  He looks back at me, very serious, not sure if this is okay.  When he sees my smile, he cracks an enormous, cheeky grin – and makes his escape.

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