Reverb10: Wonderful

December 4 – Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis)

Following the baby around lights up my life.  Now that he can move himself, I get to watch him investigate anything that catches his eye.  Wind chimes, birds and butterflies are of particular interest, but so are keys, mobile phones and light switches.

The day he discovered plastic bags was a personal favourite.  I gave him a knotted one to hold while I changed his nappy.  He scrunched it between his fingers and looked up in shock from the noise.  Then he realised he had done it, and he scrunched it again.  And again.  And giggled.  The surprise, the concentration and then the giggles – it’s a pattern we’ve repeated over and over again.  There’s been bells to shake, wooden spoons to wave, junk mail to scrunch, poppadums to crunch, cats (we didn’t scrunch those), birds to point at, grass to pull – in short, just about everything we encounter in our day requires examination and wonder.  Over and over.

One of my superpowers as a mama is attention.  I can pay attention to what the baby is focused on, and we get to enjoy it together.  We explore our world – coasters on the table, bubbles in the bath – every day.  Some days it’s tiring and some days it’s frustrating, but I remind myself I have nowhere better to be, and nothing better to do.  Surrendering to it allows me to explore with the baby, on his terms, and then the whole world is full of wonder.


One response to “Reverb10: Wonderful

  1. so glad there was no scrunching of cats
    wait till he discovers bubble wrap

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