I’ve spent a lot of time today being angry, and wanting to stomp around angrily like godzilla in gumboots, squashing whole city blocks.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have the stature for it.  To stomp successfully you need to be big and tall and built at least a little like a sumo wrestler.

Small people just get giggled at when they stomp. A giggling audience really ruins the effect.

I’m going to have to leave off the stomping until I can find a really good sand castle.  Or a mud puddle.


3 responses to “Stomping

  1. i won’t giggle
    i’ll stomp with you
    we could have a short stature stomping club

  2. My husband laughs when I stomp my foot. Sometimes it helps to wake me up from my fury, and I dissolve into giggles with him. Sometimes it just provokes me further. 😉

    Hoping you find your mud-puddle. Sounds like it is needed to resolve some hurt feelings…

  3. I like the sounds of your stomping!

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