clarification (ahem)

My last post came across much more depressing and dire than I intended.  Sorry.  Serves me right for being so cryptic.

Natalie guessed right, my relationship is a bit… dented… right now.  And that’s put my whole life into a state of flux.  I don’t have a feeling for what my future holds, and don’t feel I can make any plans.  As a perpetual dreamer of new adventures, this is driving me crazy.

In the mean time, I’m getting lots of practice at living in the moment.  The baby is a great teacher.  I’m sure his stream of consciousness is “I’m tired and cranky and I WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS – oh, hey, lunch!  I hope that’s apple puree and not something… ooh look, rusks… ha ha mum looks so silly when she tries to blow raspberries..”

So there it is.  I’m looking for more yummy food, more nap time and less raspberries.  And I hope you’re helping yourself to what you need, too.


One response to “clarification (ahem)

  1. the baby’s stream of consciousness speil just cracked me up Kazari

    i’m glad you can still see the funny side of life

    may you find things right side up soon

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