*8Things: Small Gratitudes

Usually Magpie Girl’s *8things are really hard for me.  I think ‘Oh, I’ll play!’ and I get stuck around 5 things.  But this week?

This week is awesome!

I have had a gratitude journal on and off for years.  Just three things, every day, I’m grateful for.  I do that here on Sundays (I think I’d bore you silly if I did it every day).  The only sort of praying I do most days is lists of things I’m grateful for.  I’m sure I could rabbit on forever.

So here are *8 Small gratitudes for today:

  1. Walking in the door after a long afternoon and thinking ‘I love my house!’  I don’t know why exactly, today it just hugs me back.
  2. My baby giggles a lot.
  3. After extensive research, knowing exactly where to get the best ice coffee on the south side of Canberra.
  4. The wind chimes in the garden, made out of flattened silverware.  The baby loves to hit them and listen to the music it makes.
  5. I made chilli jam!  OK, it may have turned out more like chilli toffee (it has set very, very firm) but still, my house smells great.  And despite the jam-making procrastination…
  6. I have a final draft of my assignment!  One last edit, then I’m leaving it alone.  It might not be done, but it’s as done as it’s going to get.
  7. Running in to Goddess Leonie in the mall.  (I bet you didn’t know Goddesses go to shopping centres too!)  Ostara is even more beautiful in sleepful person.
  8. Ryan will come home to a house where the laundry is done, the dishes washed, dinner made, and the baby bathed and peaceful.  I am (occasionally) the domestic goddess extraordinaire.

How many beautiful things are you grateful for today?


3 responses to “*8Things: Small Gratitudes

  1. what a happy list! I love giggling babies :-}


  2. I’d be grateful if you would share the secret of the iced coffee.

    I am grateful for Emily Rodda, Garth Nix and Sandy Fussell.

  3. I want to run into you and Leonie in the mall and watch your babies giggle. Ooooooo!

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