TV or not TV

We don’t have a TV in our house.   It wasn’t quite a conscious decision, more like a lazy experiment.  Our last home came with a TV, and the one before that came with a flatmate with a TV, so we’d never bought one.  When we moved in here, just us with just our stuff, we just didn’t have one.

Six months later, we still don’t have one, and I’m really happy about it.  I get to bed at a more sensible time.  We get more done.  We talk more.  And our living room looks like a space for living, not watching.

So is this an experiment you’d like to try?  Here’s how we did it:

Don’t go cold turkey

We don’t have a TV, but we do have two laptops – and we often snuggle up in front of one of them to watch a DVD.  We’ve watched a lot of movies this way (especially since the baby) and we work our way through the TV Series we want to watch, rather than what is scheduled.  We’ve watched joyfully through every season of Scrubs, Burn Notice and now we’re on season six of House.

Have a back up plan

Every so often there’s a show I really want to watch.  SBS had a series called Gourmet Farmer, and now there’s, ahem, MasterChef.

It’s my guilty pleasure, ok?

MasterChef episodes are so big as downloads, that they crashed our limit in the first week.  But then I remembered my laptop has a TV tuner card.  It’s a pain to use (I have to plug it in to an aerial), but if I really, really want to watch something, I can set it up.

Get a life

It was weird at first, not having a TV.  We would look at each other in the evening, and think – well, what do you want to do?  It didn’t help that I was big and pregnant – hitting the pub or going to the climbing gym weren’t really options.  Instead, we played a lot of board games and Ryan built a bouldering wall in the garage.

Now we spend our evenings (increasingly baby free) doing all sorts of things.  A lot more cooking, climbing in the garage or working on whatever projects we’re interested in right now.

Having no TV has been great for us.

Are you game to try it?


3 responses to “TV or not TV

  1. I love this! We actually went off TV for a long while as well. It pretty much is the best thing ever. Currently we aren’t as TV free as we were before, but I still refuse to subscribe to cable. Whatever we can get via the antenna, that’s what we watch. Well, that or Scrubs. We need to go back on a TV fast again, I believe. But, yes, I highly recommend this to all!


    ps- how did your hubby build the bouldering wall? I’m pretty sure I need one in my backyard.

  2. I’ve kind of gone off TV, but it’s partly because of lap toppage that the husband and I are doing separately, which is not really the point. We did have one marvellous evening of charades, though.

  3. Love your blog.

    Yes, we are TV-free too and loving it. Like you, I selectively watch particular shows on computer now and again.

    I feel an unexpected sense of liberation, it’s glorious!

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