Sunday with pancakes

On Sundays I like to post three beautiful things I’m grateful for.  Feel free to join in if it’s your thing.

Today is my first Mother’s Day.  That makes me giggle a little bit.

I pull up on the first hold, and gamely grab for the next one.  I make it!  This takes me by surprise, but I keep going.  Three moves on, Ryan announces the climb was way too easy and sets about making it harder.  I am proud of myself.

The broccoli in the garden is like a cut-and-come-again pudding.  Each day I chop some off for dinner, and each day it seems there is more.


One response to “Sunday with pancakes

  1. I like your description of broccoli from your garden! Your first mother’s day? How exciting! Well, happy belated mother’s day to you!

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