Sleepless Sunday

On Sundays I like to post three beautiful things I’m grateful for.  Feel free to join in if it’s your thing.

The baby has decided he can go 5 hours without food during the day, but requires 2 hourly feeding all night.  I’m really starting to understand what mothers mean when they talk about sleep deprivation.  Mothers and the Geneva Convention both.

But it’s all ok, because My Mum is staying with us!  It’s awesome to have a newly-minted grandmother staying with you.  She’ll happily play with the baby for hours, sneakily wash the dishes while you aren’t looking and fill the fridge with yummy kooky condiments like beetroot and horse radish chutney.  What, your mum doesn’t have a thing for condiments?

Anyway, this weekend has been wonderful, with or without sleep.  Here’s why:

  • There’s a Pumpkin Festival!  With a prize-winning pumpkin 3o times the baby’s weight!
  • A beautiful crisp afternoon to sit outside, drinking ice coffees and eating coconut lime cake while Ryan plays superman with the baby.
  • The new grandma babysits while we have our first child-free meal.  It’s lovely, but I can’t shake the feeling I’ve forgotten something…

Happy Sunday!  I hope your weekend was great, too!


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