*8Things: The gremlin game

The gremlins have a new game, and Rachelle has caught them at it.  What do your gremlins tell you that ‘if only’ you had it, you’d be closer to your dreams?

1.  If the baby was sleeping better, I’d have the energy to exercise.  (Then I need to tone down the exercise or do it earlier, before we both crash)

2.  If somebody else would do more of the housework, I’d have more time to write.  (Then I need to make writing a priority and not let housework fill my whole day)

3.  If I had a real writing qualification, I would be braver about submitting my work to strangers.  (Then I need to start submitting more, so it’s a habit and I don’t have to be brave)

4.  If the study wasn’t a dumping ground, I would have a real creative space to write.  (Then I need to clean it up, and start dumping stuff in the proper place – the garage)

5.  If I was better at folding and pinning them, I could start using my cloth nappies.  (Then I need to learn how – isn’t that what google is for?)

6.  If the baby wasn’t cranky in the evenings, I could enjoy cooking dinner instead of making it a nasty stressful drama.  (Then I need to cook, or at least do the prep-work long before the witching hour)

7.  If only I was more disciplined, I’d have my pre-baby-body back, only better.  (ahem.  see number 1)

8.  If only we lived closer to  family, I’d someone to hang out with during the day with the baby.  (Then I need to be more proactive about catching up with my friends, who also want to spend time with the baby)

What do your gremlins tell you that you need?  And what plan can you make to get past it?


6 responses to “*8Things: The gremlin game

  1. Absolutely fantastic reframing!!!

  2. regarding #3
    when i was a magazine editor, i didn’t care if the writer had a phd, or was just good at english in highschool, if they had ideas that would appeal to our readership, they worked to deadline, and delivered on them, they got published
    just get published in print somewhere, anywhere and there is your first stepping stone from which you can say “I am a published writer”

    oh, wait a minute, you already are a published writer – here on this blog 😉

  3. So many of these gremlins apply to me also… especially #4, also ….. Great post.

  4. Great list for re-focusing!
    I’m with you on most of them, especially #6 (I have three)!!

    I just stopped by via Magpie Girl!! 😀

  5. I don’t have a baby, yet #1 & #6 are so relateable! And absolutely do I love #2. Must work on that.

    Unrelated: I love this font.


  6. I feel like you just eloquently spit out everything I’ve been feeling in the past week…. Fantastic post! Our gremlins must be besties….

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