The joy of silly

The baby has learnt to giggle!  And laugh, and squeal, and talk to us in his own private language.  There’s a lot of laughter in our house from everyone.

Ryan laughed as he listened in on the baby monitor.  I was discussing body parts with the baby, and singing him to sleep with Violent Femmes songs.

I laughed until I cried as Ryan swung the baby above his head – and was blessed with a mouthful of baby slobber.

On Saturday, we had a houseful of people, and everyone laughed as Ryan donned his head torch to go outside and pick salad greens.

What silly things are you enjoying at your house?


One response to “The joy of silly

  1. seeing mr x – all serious on his recent coffee crawl in Melb – come back after talking to a barista for 20 mins – sporting a milk froth dusted nose, remnants of the drink he’d downed before sauntering over for a cool chat at the machine

    i laughed till i cried
    he didn’t

    mr x would approve of ryan’s headtorch trick for gardening
    he has one that he uses for all sorts of jobs
    it’s very handy

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