Power Up

Magpie Girl has a post about ‘Standing in your own power‘.  The phrase immediately sung for me, even if, like Rachelle, I’m not sure exactly what it means.

It took me a long time as an adult to find my feeling of power.  An aikido teacher once asked me to think of a moment I felt strong – and I came up blank.  Now, ten years later, I could probably think of a handful, but Strong and Powerful are not words I own easily.

I am slowly learning how to own my power, to stand in it.  Here’s my list of *8 Things I know about standing in my own power.  They owe a lot to that aikido teacher from long ago.

1.  Breathe.  You can’t feel strong while you hold your breath.  Any yoga teacher will tell you that breath is power, and to breathe properly is to feel it moving through you.

2.  Ground yourself.  Feel how your feet are connected to the ground, and your roots go way down into the earth.  Feel what the earth gives back.

3.  Look at the sky.  Realise the beauty, realise the immensity, realise you are just you, and that is what you are working with.

4.  Slow down.  There is no hurry.  Your power doesn’t need to rush.

5.  Question everything.  You want to stand in your own power, nobody else’s.  So test everything to see if it holds true for you.

6.  Be messy.  Your power is a many-splendoured thing.  You do not have to be unified and consistent – flexibility is a key part of resilience and power.  Rejoice in your inconsistencies and the mess they create.

7. Speak your truth.

8.  Rest.  It’s hard to stand in your power when you are exhausted.  It’s hard to stand at all.  Give yourself the sleep and the space for your power to gather.  The world will be better for it.


4 responses to “Power Up

  1. breathe and be grounded

  2. I love the ‘look at the sky’. Keep looking up. And the resting part. I love sleep… Sometimes I forget that it’s okay to just sleep. I will be reflecting on Standing in my own power all day!

  3. “Slow Down.” is a great one. It’s such a deliberate way to plant your feet in a culture that equates “rushing around” with “important”, and just say “Wait. What do _I_ want in this situation.”

    As always, a mindful and helpful list.


    -your magpie girl

  4. Great list. I am going think about Standing in my own Power and what that means to me.

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