*8 Things I saw this week

  1. The first heavy dew fall frosts up my windscreen.
  2. Cabbage moths dance around our veggie patch.
  3. The new next-door-neighbour brings 2 pet rabbits and 3 shiny wheelbarrows planted out with herbs.
  4. Someone left an odd sock on the pavement.  It’s green.
  5. The Italian nonna who walks all her grandchildren around the neighbourhood in the evening.  They speak Italian and slow down to let me pass.  The youngest pulls his nappy up and waddles to keep up.
  6. A teenager too cool for school sits on the grass and watches everyone go into class.
  7. Fallen apples in a neglected yard.
  8. A rusted padlock hanging uselessly, half way along a barbed wire fence.

Play along at Magpie Girl if you’re interested.


2 responses to “*8 Things I saw this week

  1. Oh how I love this… and the previous post… I’m using them for pen to paper journal entries… maybe I should start this on my blog… LOVE THIS! xo

  2. Me too – I loved this – the little list evoked so much – gave me a whole rich picture – thanks!

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