Back in the groove

Last night we hit the climbing gym, baby and all.  This was our second try – the first time he was really fussy and we had a short night.  This time he was really interested and stared and stared at all the climbers.

I did some traversing to start, staying near the pram to make sure bubs was happy.  Then I got on a rope and did some laps of some easy climbs – it was easier than I thought!  Eventually I tried something harder – not too difficult, but with some long, stretchy moves for a shorty like me.  I got it first time!

The baby was a champion.  Even though it was late and he was tired, he didn’t cry at all.  He just watched us all climb.

We both did good.  And it felt great.


One response to “Back in the groove

  1. Going backwards in your blog. Love that you climb! I haven’t climbed in forever! (There’s not a gym where I am now…) but, it makes me really happy to read about it!

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