No, no and NO

There’s very few things I turn down out of hand.  Any invitation (I don’t get a lot, I’m a home body) is worthy of consideration, as far as I’m concerned.  This has lead me to art exhibitions, poetry slams, gospel choir shows and climbing competitions I had no right to be in.

Life is more interesting when you say Yes.

Because the baby takes so much of my energy now, we’ve had to change the way we do some things, like climbing.  This has meant saying no to some all-day climbing trips, especially the ones with tricky approaches.  It’s meant less nights in bars and restaurants, and more at people’s homes.

Some of our friends have been wonderful about incorporating the baby into our activities, others not so much.  I find this incredibly sad.  But it’s also their choice.  One person in particular has been grumpy and rude about us climbing less – but hasn’t taken up our invitations to do other things.

So I’m saying No to them.  We are building a life with our baby, and we do lots of wonderful things.  Some of these things are different to before, and you can choose to be involved – or not.  If not, we won’t take it personally.  But we wish you could do the same.



5 responses to “No, no and NO

  1. As Kazari wishes for herself, I wish for her also. I love your post. Very clear. Very direct. A post I will remember.

  2. As Kazari wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. Some people just can’t handle babies, their loss, and just don’t understand that lives change when babies come along.

  3. As Kazari wishes for herself and her family, so I wish for her/them also.
    May it be so.

  4. As Kazari wishes for herself, I wish for her also. I remember having my first baby – I feel your love through this wish…

    love, wish, love,wish,love,wish!

  5. all friendships go through seasons
    most of the time it is as you say, nothing personal
    just changed life circumstances

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