How to grow bugs

While the baby and I were getting acqainted, and figuring out how to feed and sleep, there wasn’t always a lot for Ryan to do.  So he went outside and started a veggie garden.  We always meant to have one, it just seemed like a daunting task to start.

Now we have two raised beds, another patch of broccoli and pak choi, and a lot of strawberry plants.  One of the first things we planted was a row of tomatoes.  They’ve been spectacular!  The plants grew as tall as me, and completely engulfed the silverbeet next to them.  They flowered and produced masses of fruit, and I started dreaming about pasta sauce, salsa and home made tomato sauce.

Sadly, it’s not to be.  After the first few tomatoes we picked, we started finding grubs.  Now there isn’t a tomato on the bush that doesn’t have grubs, or fruitfly, or both.  Today I’ve stripped off the green fruit and pulled up the plants.  From two buckets of green tomatoes, hopefully I can salvage enough to make a batch of chutney.

Oh well.  At least we know we can grow bumper tomatoes.  Next season we’ll have to learn how to protect them from bugs.


One response to “How to grow bugs

  1. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh a veggie garden! We’re just ready to try and do ours again… last year we ran into renovation drama and couldn’t keep up with it – it became a weed garden lol This year… we’re trying it again.

    Good luck finding a way to keep the bugs out – I know those ways are out there, just gotta find ’em!

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