Deep in the forest

We spent this weekend at Corinbank.  After last year we had to come back.  Apparently the incident I wrote about then had such an impact that they posted a sign in the chai tent saying ‘No pants, no chai!’

The baby did really well.  He came everywhere with us in his sling, and slept through all the big acts on Friday night.  On Saturday night he had a melt down, so I took him back to the campsite, listening to him scream all the way.  He stopped as soon as I put him down – I think he just needed a break.

For me, the cabaret acts really stole the show.  We caught a fair number of local bands, and some of the headliners, but the stuff that really entertained us was the pixie bungee bikes, the tableau vivant and the hula hooping.  I’ve come home with a couple of new CDs (Dub Dub Goose and Jig Zag) and a heap of dirty laundry.

Happy Monday!


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