Sunday Grateful

Have you been listening to the rain this week?  It has pounded and thundered and sprinkled and misted… but it hasn’t really stopped for the last three days.  Our backyard is awash.  The storm water drains are rapids.  We drove out to Lake George today to see what it looks like when it’s, well, a lake.

It’s stopped now, and the silence is deafening.

Here’s what I’m grateful for this week:

The rain.  I’ve been dreading February, with all it’s record-breaking heat, and it hasn’t turned out that way.  Instead, the whole of Canberra looks lush and soggy.  Kind of like the baby after I’ve fed him…

The baby.  He’s smiley and gurgly these days, and so much more fun.  He’s growing so much that I’ve stopped worrying I might break him.

The Australian Public Service and parental leave.  Tomorrow Ryan goes back to work, but for the first two months of the baby’s life, we have all been home together.  I realise how incredibly lucky that makes us.

What are you grateful for this week?  And what new phase of your life begins tomorrow?


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