I have a blister on the palm of my right hand, just below my middle finger.

Ryan built a bouldering wall in the garage right after we moved in.  It’s actually more of a cave, with three walls of holds (going all the way around the window) and more panels on the ceiling.  The floor is covered with variously acquired mattresses.

When he first built it, I couldn’t climb because I was so big and round.  Then, when the baby came I was too tired.  By the time I got my bounce back, the wall was too steep, and the holds too tiny for somebody just getting back to climbing.

But now there are some easier holds, and some flat walls.  And last night some friends came over and they built me a nice juggy ‘training’ route all the way around.  So we sat in the garage, listening to the rain on the roof, the baby asleep in his pram, and I attempted to climb.

By the end of the night, I’d only gotten about six moves around the wall.  I’d broken a couple of my lovely long nails, I had chalk all over my clothes and a big smile all over my face.

And a blister on the palm of my right hand.

When the baby is asleep this afternoon I’m going to try for another one.


2 responses to “Blisters

  1. hmm … I found your blog when Googling for “we broke up on valentine’s day”

    Nice to know that it was just temporary. I feel much better now. Wish u a Happy Valentine’s Day.


  2. Happy Valentine’s for you, too! That was a long time ago, and EVERYTHING has changed since then.
    Just as well, really. It wasn’t a fun time for either of us.

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