Simple Sunday

Today we have had no plans, except to stay at home and recieve visitors.  Doesn’t that sound old fashioned?  We had a friend over for morning tea and another expected for afternoon tea.  It’s all been very genteel.

The baby has not been so relaxed… he’s been sleeping well at night, but not very settled during the day.  I think I hear him waking up again right now.

So quickly, here’s three things I’m grateful for this week:

A beautiful tropical downpour on the way home from Bungendore, it wasn’t cold, but we got to watch huge thunderheads form and roll across the landscape.  Watching the dams fill up was beautiful, too.

Friends who come visit and don’t care about the state of my house.  These ones are very important.

A baby that now happily sleeps for five or six hours at a time when I most need it.  I didn’t realise how much I was missing my sleep until I started getting some of it back!

Happy Sunday!


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