Who killed Dave? and do you care?

It turns out that just about anybody in Kaos Court could have killed Dave, and they all had their reasons.  And the whodunit of Dave’s death was the funniest novel I’d read all year.

Who Killed Dave? is very, very, silly.  The main character, Robyn, is a part-time tarot- reader and part-time massage therapist.  She may be the most normal of the Kaos Court residents, which include a virginal, blind telephone sex operator, two Somali refugees and… well, I won’t spoil it for you.

Robyn resolves to discover Dave’s murderer without dobbing on any of her neighbours, but her investigations also uncover infidelities, various issues of paternity, and lead to at least two policemen having waxing appointments.  As the story progresses, she gets caught in more and more bizarre situations, and never seems to escape with her dignity intact.  The injuries she sustains during the novel are truly spectacular, but can’t match the indignities she endures at the hands of nosy reporters, mercenary bottle-shop attendants and her mother.  And the good looking and very friendly Detective Mark Hood always seems to be witness to her latest catastrophe.

I giggled and laughed all the way through Who Killed Dave.  It is very, very silly, but once you’ve accepted that fact it’s incredibly easy to go along for the ride.  The smart-arse language, and the mangled language by some of the characters is absolutely beautiful.  It’s wonderful to read a murder mystery that is so unashamedly Australian in voice and content.

Ryan stole the book from me and finished it in four days.  He sat on the couch and gigglesnorted while I was feeding the baby.  He’s planning on buying copies for lots of our friends, and also our book club… and I can’t give a higher recommendation than that.

Who Killed Dave? is a new novel by Linda Cockburn.  I knew Linda from her book ‘Living the Good Life‘, and her blog about goats, chickens and sustainable urban living.  As befits a committed greenie,  Linda looked for a long time for a publisher who could produce her novel in a sustainable way, and t0gether press has come good with a carbon neutral publication.


One response to “Who killed Dave? and do you care?

  1. maybe togther press is her self publishing arm..

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