Three things on Sunday

How was your weekend?  Mine has left me sleepy, satisfied, and ready for some alone time.  I love my friends, all the weird and wonderful ones, but we have had such a weekend of catching up…

Here are three still, beautiful things I’d like to share this week.

1.  I decorated our small, real Christmas tree.  He’s a bit crooked, and we don’t have a lot of ornaments yet, but the tinsel looks great.  And the tree looked really complete when Ryan put some wrapped presents below it.

2.  We sat in the shade by the lake this afternoon, watching a 1 year old friend explore his boundaries.  How far could he walk before Dad got up?  How far before Dad came and got him?  These explorations were interrupted for serious business placing and retrieving toys in the grass.

3.  The house is opened up to let in the breezy evening.  I can hear cicadas, and then a gaggle of girls, singing Christmas Carols with their dad.


2 responses to “Three things on Sunday

  1. it’ s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas
    Cicadas humming in the trees . . .

  2. As long as we aren’t hearing lots of bushfire reports, i’m all happy : )

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