Sunday snoozing

I never feel like blogging brave new ideas or experiments on the weekend.  In fact, I like to get away from my computer if I can.  What I feel like doing today is sharing things I’m grateful for, a la Three Beautiful Things.

  1. Snoozing on a bouldering mat, deep in Tallaganda National Park.  I can feel the breeze, hear the birds and the insects, and the boys in the backround, gleefully tackling a new bouldering problem.  It’s so much cooler away from the city.
  2. A calmbirth meditation CD and the worlds most uncomfortable couch.  The secret is that it is only uncomfortable if you sit on it.  If you lie down with a pillow and blanket it hugs your whole body, and I drift off to peaceful murmurs about a joyful birth.
  3. It’s 5.30 in the morning but the baby is restless and I have to get up.  I can hear no traffic noise, only the loudest cacophony of birdcalls.  A cool breeze pushes into the still of the house, and I’m glad I’m awake to notice it.

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