A Dream Board for the December Moon

I can’t help it, I’m longing for cool and ice.  I’m hiding out from the sun.  No wonder my dream board ended up all watery and blue!  It seems to fit really well with the Cold Moon Dreamboards everyone else is doing.

This coming moon brings our baby!  And Christmas and summer and … I don’t know what else.  A thousand possibilites present themselves, and I just don’t know.

So my theme for my dreamboard is ‘Open to the Unknown’, and we shall see what the universe shall bring…


8 responses to “A Dream Board for the December Moon

  1. What gorgeousness! May all your dreams for this moon cycle come true! May you open to the unknown and find pleasant surprises!

  2. Love the wide open feeling to this board. Beautiful. May all your dreams come true.

  3. beautiful icy cool dreaming. i loved your images and cheer on the unknown.
    open up to all possibilities
    open up to the wonder of creation
    open up to your new future

  4. This is so beautiful, and the images you chose seem to welcome your new baby! May your dreams come true!

  5. Awe, thats beautiful. I so send you lots of hug for your new baby. And may your dreams come true. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. What a beautiful visionboard…. I just love how it looks as though she’s inviting in so much possibility! Many blessings to you as your wintertime dreams unfold!

  7. Oh Yes! Your dreamboard is beautiful! I love the images you chose. Many, many blessings your way!! And thank you for your compliments on mine!

  8. if we are open
    we are sure to receive

    what an exciting new moon!

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