Surprises in the post

I love parcels.  I can never decide if it’s more fun when a highly anticipated package arrives, or when something lovely arrives out of the blue.

Two weeks ago (I’m a bit timeline-challenged at the moment) a beautiful small package arrived in the post.  It was all the way from America!  I won a give away on Chookooloonks, and the lovely Karen sent me a beautiful card along with my prize.

I would love to insert a photo here, but I’m also quite camera-challenged at present.  I should have posted this ages ago, but was waiting on a photo to miraculously take itself.  That hasn’t happened, so we’ll have to be like Elmo and imagine.

The prize was a CD, a moment’s peace, by Elizabeth Irvine.  It has a guided relaxation and a long track called ‘sounds of stillness’ which I’m listening to as we speak.  I can’t find a link to the CD anywhere, but here’s Karen’s interview with Elizabeth, which is beautiful, too.

The sounds of stillness track is amazing.  It’s so soothing, it brings me back to myself everytime I notice it.  I still haven’t done the guided relaxation, because I’m spending lots of time with the Calmbirth ones.  They must be working because they send me straight to sleep : )

I hope your Tuesday has at least a moment’s peace in it, too.


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