Bird Song Bliss

There is something very Australian about being blissed out by rain.

I’ve opened up the house to let in the cool breeze and the sound of the raindrops.  I’ve let in the echoing birdsong, too, as a bonus.

I felt grumpy most of the day, because it involved lots of driving which I don’t enjoy, and I was avoiding things.  Finally I sucked it up, and ran all my errands.  Now I’m basking in the rain, the birdsong, and the light of my own accomplishment.

Best of all, there’s a brand new journal on the table, waiting to be cracked open : )

Life lesson:  when I’m grumpy, it’s usually because I feel bad about something I’ve done or haven’t done.  It’s hardly ever about somebody else’s behaviour.

What have you left undone, that’s hanging over you?


One response to “Bird Song Bliss

  1. LOVE THIS! Wishing I could hear the bird song. It’s been raining and foggy here, and I found it so fitting being that I’ve been cleaning up loose ends… Getting rid of that which hangs over me! LOVE THIS! xo

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