What does writing look like?

I am quietly sinking in, slowing down.  I make a list of six things to do with my time, and it takes all day.  I snooze, I flop, I make endless trips to the bathroom, but my days are full.  I’m stretching into a new shape.  I’m getting things done.

One idea I had about maternity leave was that I must write.  Everyday.  But what does that mean?

It’s not hard to get out a notebook and scribble three pages each morning.  It’s not hard to find things to blog about, either.  But I want productive writing.  I want to grow a writing career alongside growing myself, and the brand new person I haven’t met yet.  What does  that look like?

How do I start?


One response to “What does writing look like?

  1. hmmm
    the most important thing is
    “write what you know”

    as for the other two very big questions
    really, only you can answer them for yourself
    other writers can tell you what it looks like for them, and how they started etc etc, but you have to work out what works for you

    three pages each morning in a notebook (are you doing morning pages re The Artist’s Way?) are a great start – dropkick that word ‘productive’ out the window in regards to that, you might feel that kind of writing is not ‘productive’ in so far as getting word count on the page for publishable paid works . . . but . . .
    the morning pages will help get rid of the ‘bleh’, will sneak in some inspirational sparks, and keep you in the habit of writing every day

    the rest is a journey
    one step at a time

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