Home Alone

Today is a day I need to mark with celebration, or at least a little quiet introspection.  It feels like a milestone of sorts.

Today I start maternity leave.

I’m home alone.

I’ve been working full-time more or less, for the past ten years.  On the odd occasion when I’ve been out of the office on a week day, I’ve wandered around public places like an anthropologist on a far-away mission.  The daytime people (grandparents, mothers with strollers, students set free from classrooms) seem like a whole other tribe.  And now, for the next twelve months, I’m joining them.

It seems odd to have so little structure to my day.  Luxurious, but a little wasteful, too.  I have a lot to do, but most of it is solitary, which is the biggest oddity of all.

I’m not going to be alone for long.  The baby shrugs and turns as I write that, reminding me that our journey together has already begun.

Any suggestions on how I should mark these changing days?


6 responses to “Home Alone

  1. how should you mark them?
    oh, I don’t know, perhaps by indulging in some personal treats, whether it’s a pot of tea and a magazine out in the garden, a pedicure or massage at the dayspa, somethings to pamper and nourish yourself with

  2. I like all those ideas kel!
    Instead, I went to my midwife appointment and got a surprise ultrasound, then went and bought some fabulously cheap, fabulously stretchy summer clothes.

  3. well, there’s always tomorrow 😉

  4. Enjoying it! OMG, the baby and you are so connected already! Just that little bit, your baby turning to remind you there is no such thing as solitary any more! Beautiful miracles!

  5. Maybe take some photo portraits of yourself as you are now to show to the baby in a little while and help you remember now. Radio National is a great friend for days at home doing stuff – 846 AM – I love all the shows – is that possible? The Book Show is a particular favourite – Life Matters and Bush Telegraph and Late Night Live.

  6. I’ll have to turn the radio on! I’m such an entrenched digital person – I’ve been listening to podcasts on my laptop, but completely forgotten the radio : )

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