Gems of Joy

Goddess Leonie has had a week of weird… and not in a good way.

So if you’d care to, head over there and tell her what brings you solace and joy.

In the mean time, here’s my list for today:

  • Julie & Julia.  We just got back from the movies, and I LOVED this.  Look what happens when women follow their passions… oh, and just imagine all that wine and butter!
  • Calling home.  My mum, my aunts, my sisters, my dad… even my little brother.  Speaking to each of them helps in a different way.
  • Sharing books.  I think everybody who has visited me lately, has gone home with one.  I think books, like good food and good stories, are best shared.
  • Listening to the rain.  I think I’ve mentioned this once or twice.  I haven’t figured out how it can be so soothing and energising at the same time.
  • Afternoon naps.  Especially while listening to the rain.

I hope you’ve found joyful things to do with your Saturday.


One response to “Gems of Joy

  1. You are a darling… thank you so much beautiful ❤
    And I agree… listening to the rain is PURE HEAVEN… and I can't wait to see Julie & Julia!

    You are the best

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