The silver lining

We just moved to our new home, and we’re elbow deep in project to make it feel ‘ours’.  It’s very different from our little garden flat, and there were some things that I thought, well, I was just going to have to get used to.

One thing about this new house?  It’s a lot further into suburbia.  And while I’m still working, that means a lot more driving.  I shouldn’t complain really – I’ve only got a 30 minute commute.  It’s just that I used to have 5…

Anyway, the commute, and the traffic, were things I was quite anxious about before the move.  Having to get up half an hour earlier didn’t sound like fun.  And my greenie credentials are slowly going down the drain – or at least out the exhaust.  Our car is efficient, but I’m still doing more than double the kilometres I was before.

However, now that I’ve mastered the crowded double-lane round abouts, and I think I’ve figured out the smoothest way home, I’ve found the silver lining.

Everyday, I get to travel on two roads that give me spectacular views of the mountains.  Canberra sits in a basin, something I’ve always loved, but now I get to say hello to the hills twice a day.  I’m getting to know their moods and their colours.  Sometimes the skies are super clear, and the mountains are brown and green and close.  Today was hazy, with everything in greys.  The hills became layers of sillouettes, back-lit by cloud.  The effect was like a delicate Japanese screen.

Being big and balloon-like right now, I’m not getting out into the bush as much as I’d like.  But I get to see it every morning and every evening.

So I guess it’s not so much a silver lining, as a silver back drop to my day.

Happy Thursday!


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