Human Being

It’s the beginning of October and by rights there should be a dream board.  But my craft stuff is spread among several boxes, and I don’t have a desk, or even a table, so we’ll have to live without one.

If I made a board this month, it would say  ‘be where you are’.  I’m sitting on the couch feeling the baby wriggle in my tummy.  I don’t think it’s kicking.  It feels more like somebody uncomfortable in their sleeping bag, trying to change position.  I hope it’s got a good pillow.

Apart from feeling the baby, I’m slowly watching the afternoon turn to dusk in the garden, and I’m listening to the birds.  The birds are loving the rain showers and putting on a show.

I am a human being, not a human doing, but I forget that sometimes.  Pregnancy has reminded me in the most physical of ways.  My body has forced me to slow down and pay attention.  I am learning that preparation is not always relevant, that things will happen as they will, and we will be ready enough.

I hope you get the chance, on this rainy Sunday afternoon, to toss the to-do list and spend some time just being.


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