Seasonal Gratitude

My spring notification is the sniffle in the back of my throat.  Allergies sap my energy and short-circuit my brain box, not to mention being woefully unattractive. I have had years when the hayfever came with the spring, and didn’t leave until autumn.  I am hoping against hope that this year is easier, because pregnant people aren’t supposed to take antihistamines…

Rachelle is having similar seasonal grumbles on the other side of the world.  She is trying to find ways to celebrate and enjoy autumn.  I am matching her *8 things to celebrate about autumn with my *8 things to celebrate spring.

1.  Being woken by the sun, instead of the alarm clock.  I love that lazy feeling.

2.  There is light enough for a walk after work.

3.  I’m no longer worrying about frost on the car in the morning.

4.  Cherry blossoms, apple blossoms and wattle trees light my path to work.  I amazed by the over night changes I get to witness here.  I just wish I could leave my nose at home.

5.  Sitting in undiluted sunlight with a coffee and my notebook – no shivering or polar fleece required.  No sunscreen or shadecloth required yet, either.  Just tissues.

6.  Opening up the house and letting the fresh air in.  Even with all the pollen, there is such gratitude in this act after a winter of closed up, closed-curtained heating.

7.  The farmers market fill up with greenery!  Just when I’ve seen enough beetroot and pumpkins for a year, I suddenly get asparagus, six sorts of lettuce and an abundance of berries.

8.  Bare feet on the grass.


3 responses to “Seasonal Gratitude

  1. love your take on the 8 things thing for us southern hemisphereans

    i know it’s spring when i have a packet of Zyrtec in my medicine cabinet

    how was that dust storm last week?
    we were in your city for a couple of days and managed to get dusted on, stormed on, and still see some lovely tulipy type flowers 🙂

  2. Gosh, you chose a great week to visit! The dust storm was crazy, but apparently Sydney got it worse.
    I’m glad you enjoyed Floriade – we went to the night markets this year, which were beautiful, but we got rained on too…

  3. the good thing about your city is all those free galleries and musuems, so the weather was managaeable

    then we drove north to Sydney and had two days of the ‘red menace’ dust storm up there

    everytime we arrived somewhere, we looked like country folk who live on a dirt road, which we are and do, but our ute never gets THAT dirty 🙂

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