Words on a page

I suppose the point of studying creative writing is to get to grips with your own creative process.  I hand in assignments where I have to write a short story, and a longer analysis of how I wrote what I wrote.  It feels like navel gazing.

I get the point, I think, but it bothers me.  It was like falling in love literature in high school, only to have it analysed to a dry crumbly death by my English teacher.  If I write a story, I want it to be able to stand alone, without footnotes or supporting documentation.

Still, I do my homework, and try to explain why I choose one image over another, or why I like a particular sentence structure.  It feels prissy.  It also feels dishonest – so often I have no idea why I’ve written something a particular way.

It’s making me self-conscious about my writing.  I hate that.

I’ve decided the answer is blogging more.  Blog posts don’t need to be analysed and significant, just worth reading.  So I’m going to commit to putting more words on here.

I hope they’re worth reading.


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