A blissed-out weekend

I am sitting next to an open door, in the half-light, listening to the rain fall.  There’s something about steady rain that settles me and raises my energy, all at the same time.  Maybe it’s about growing up in a drought.  Maybe it’s about having a water sign in my stars.

This weekend I’ve slept in, eaten a lot and written a lot.  I went to the student clinic at the massage school, and made the teacher’s day by being a pregnant guinea pig.  They wrapped me in soft towels and soft music and made me feel cuddled all over.  I went to a birthday barbecue and celebrated with friends.  This afternoon I will go to the markets for veggies and make cupcakes.

But right now I get to sit and listen to the rain.

I’ve been thinking about priorities and making room in my life, every since Jamie‘s wish prompt.  It seems to me that whenever I act on the things that are important, it makes more room in my life for the other important stuff.

Room for the things that are important to me.

Trivial things fall away.  This seems magical.  Right now I can’t climb, but I can write and learn and cook and nest.  When the baby comes, I’ll get a whole twelve months to focus on my family.  And I’m sure there’ll be cooking and writing and learning (much learning) in there too.

Penthe was talking about baby names, and how we choose them.  It’s important!  I think it’s about picking a name that leaves space.  Space for the new person to be themselves.

Room for the things that are important to them.


5 responses to “A blissed-out weekend

  1. I didn’t notice that my post was really about the imposition of expectations. Of course, as soon as the baby is born it belongs mostly to itself and starts living its own life, independent of the parents expectations. Which is brilliant and scary in pretty much equal measure, for me.

  2. Expectations or aspirations?
    Did I come out sounding judgemental? I didn’t mean to. I loved your post.
    I think with most names, it all becomes moot anyway. By the time the kid is 5, you can’t imagine them being called anything else, and their name just means them.

  3. No no, you didn’t sound judgemental. I just thought it was funny that I didn’t notice it myself. Writing, eh?

    And I agree, the name kind of stretches to fit the person (or vice versa I suppose).

  4. I know I’ve been away for a while but I had to quickly backread after this. Oh, wonderful and mysterious life! Congratulations on your new and growing life.

    And oh the rain. yes, the rain!

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