Cold and light

 I stood outside work and waited for my lift.  It felt goodto take deep breaths of the not-so-cold air.  It’s not-so-winter now.

  There was blue sky, a thin slice sandwiched between grey clouds on the horizon.  We get so used to a sun bleached blue here – I think it always looks brighter through the clouds.

The evenings are getting longer, but  the sun was below the lowest clouds by then.   Some icy rain drops fell, and I turned back to the office, wondering if I should wait in the lobby.

As I turned back, the sunset appeared – upside down.  I still couldn’t see the sun, but golden rays were spread out across the grey cloud canopy above me.  They rotated slowly, as the cloud drifted.  You couldn’t paint such a scene – nobody would believe it, gold against the grey.   There was nobody there but me to see it.

I wondered if I should run inside and grab my friend – would it still be magic when we came out again?  In the end, I just stood there, breathing in the fresh air and the rain.

The sun was all gone by the time my lift arrived.


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