I use this word when I’m quietly pleased at how things have turned out.  A friend at work laughs at me when I use it, she says it’s so old fashioned.  But no other word describes that sense of self-satisfaction and tickledness.  Well, ‘stoked’ gets close, but to me being stoked about something means I’m really excited.  I could be stoked about a trip home or an awesome present.  But I’m chuffed at the way my writing course is going.

I had my first tutorial on Tuesday.  My tutor had my last assignment from last term and she had written beautiful, thoughtful, constructive comments all over it.  She said she had noticed a ‘tension between questing and acceptance’ in my work, which is a phrase I just love.  Me!  Questing!

Oh, and before next week I have to choose a short story out of our class notes to do an analysis.  I was a bit worried about the readings for this unit.  I love short stories, but my taste goes for Kipling and Hemmingway and older writing.  I find a lot of modern short stories perplexing and unsatisfying.  I love the way traditional short stories are polished gems of symmetry and language, and I often find that missing in newer collections.  Happily, I’ve loved every story so far in our class book.  Tonight, after dinner, I shall tuck myself in bed and read the rest of them.  I’m not sure how I’ll choose just one.  Luckily, I only have to choose this week – the analysis will come later.  But I can’t think of much more luxurious homework – Thou shalt read short stories in bed!

See?  Questing!  Reading!  Chuffed : )


One response to “Chuffed

  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your writing. And reading in bed and elsewhere.

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