8 things I need less of

Brought to you by the lovely Rachelle at Magpie Girl:

Sick.  In the last month I have either been head-ache, sniffly or just plain ill.  I would like it to stop, please.

Late nights.  They serve no good purpose, and I really don’t need to watch two episodes of Cold Case in a row, so I have to learn to get off the couch and take the ten steps to bed.  Earlier!

Paper.  Somehow, I am the person in charge of filing stuff around here.  But it hasn’t happened lately, and somehow in all the piles of paper in all the corners of the room, there bits I actually need are nowhere to be found.

Deadlines.  Only a crazy person would have a job interview, a report due, and a final assignment due all in one week.

Socks.  Somehow, they are bursting out of the drawer, but none of them match.

Gremlins.  Specifically the gremlin that wakes up whenever something good happens, waiting for the other shoe to fall.  I think it should go bother Malcolm Turnbull, instead.  He always looks too smug.

Builders.  I think there’s renovations going on six blocks in our very short street.  As I type this I can hear a brick saw, a reversing truck and several unidentified sorts of large machinery.

Regrets.  I know I’ve been neglecting this blog.  And the house, and my friends.  And I plan to stop doing all of that soon.  If I could just squash the gremlin that says you’ll all hate me for not commenting anywhere lately…


3 responses to “8 things I need less of

  1. I like you when you comment and I like you when you don’t comment. It’s the quality, not the quantity you know.

    And yes, I must also reduce late nights.

  2. Great list! I believe I could easily come up with 8 (or 20) of my own too. In fact, I may just do that.

    PS – Here are 8 cool things to do with those unmatched socks:

  3. Gremlin be gone!

    Get well, and the rest will follow.

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