Uh oh, now I’m accountable

Everybody left wonderful comments on my wish for an accountability group.  Jamie paid some beautiful compliments about my writing, and then she caught me:

An accountability group would be marvelous. *And* I also bet you have something right now that you could send. Make us your interim accountability group and take a first step. You can do it.

Uh oh!  Now I’m stuck!  You lovely readers have become my accountability group.  I talked the talk, so now I have to walk…

It didn’t stop there.  Carla offered tips, and Mother Henna and Hybrid J gave good advice.  Lisa told me about a friend ‘collecting’ 100 rejection slips, and I think that idea is going to stay with me.  Jamie kindly came back with a link to an awesome podcast about getting personal essays published.  And to top it all off, Pamela offered to be a beta reader.

I am amazed and excited by all this practical support.  You guys rock!  But I’m also kind of scared.  Because now I have no excuse not to start sending out submissions.

Thanking you kindly,

and wondering what I’ve started,



5 responses to “Uh oh, now I’m accountable

  1. Victoria Strauss is a great source of reliable online info for writers – she’s especially good at pointing out the sharks in the waters (writing-related scams). You could google her easily – she has a blog that she c0-writes with another author and a web site called “Writer Beware.”

  2. Thanks Paul – I’ll go look her up.

  3. there is power in speaking something out and being held accountable for it 🙂

  4. You have started
    the next step.
    Make it big.

  5. Oh yes, dear fellow writer and blogger, you just started your own online accuntability group. 😉 We’re now watching over you. Believe in yourslef, go for it …

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