Bloggy Gratitude

I saw a gratitude list on someone else’s blog today.  I love those lists.  I’m feeling especially blessed at the moment, if also frantically busy.  So here’s my list of things to be thankful for:

1.  Roast lamb in the slow cooker.  This is what we’re eating tonight, and the house smells wonderful.  I’m not sure why I get so much satisfaction out of being domesticated, but it’s wonderful to put dinner on the table.

2.  A big Tuesday ahead of me.  I’ll be writing, and dreaming, and catching up with a very dear friend for coffee.

3.  A blog award!  Pamela named me queen of blogs.  See?


She had links to some awesome blogs in that post, so I’ve got a lots more to read, too.

4.  There’s been beautiful sunsets all week.  I sat in the backyard scrubbing the mud off my boots, and watched the sky turn pink.

5.  Skype is a wonderful thing.  I spoke to my sister in London on Saturday, and got to see her cute, new pyjamas!

What are you thankful for today?  If you’re out of inspiration, check out Three Beautiful Things. She’s a daily joy in my feedreader.


4 responses to “Bloggy Gratitude

  1. skype is a wonderful thing
    and so are pink sunsets

  2. yes to pink sunsets, and I imagine clear blue skies this time of year…

  3. Very crisp blue skies. Last night, out walking, I felt I could count a million million stars.

    We are starting in on our dreaded Canberra winter.

  4. Thanks for the mention! I’m grateful for everyone who enjoys 3BT and writes about it on their blog!

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