Blisters on my fingertips.

I have blisters on both hands, and big patches of grated skin.  I have bruises on both knees, too – one of them is impressively lumpy.

I love climbing.

On Thursday night I went to a class at Canberra Indoor Climbing, in Mitchell.  It was a fairly diverse group, but our teacher kept us all busy working at our own level.  We finished off with strength exercises, and my abs haven’t forgiven me yet.

On Saturday we went bouldering around the National Library, which I’m enjoying a lot more now.  I used to find it frustratingly difficult, because I didn’t have the finger strength or the technique to string more than two moves together.  Now I can get a couple of metres around before I fall off.  Softly, softly.  The rock is so smooth and the holds are so small, there’s a lot of repetition while I find the moves that work for me.  I got stuck in one spot with all the weight on a sharp hold in my left hand.  That’s where the first blisters came from.

Today we got up early to go bouldering at Black Range.  I got blisters on my blisters, and bruised both knees.  I didn’t finish any problems, but I don’t care.  I got some moves that would have been impossible a couple of months ago.  Today, that’s enough.

Now I’m going to go shower and patch up my hands.

I love climbing.


One response to “Blisters on my fingertips.

  1. I love how you chime in simply, two times, I love climbing. That underscores it all. Through you I can be more adventuresome than I’ve been. Hey, and I don’t have to deal with bruises.

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