7 silly things

While I was up to my eyeballs in mud, another Aussie tagged me with a meme.  I feel special!  Kel from the X facta is seriously special herself – I love anyone that can make art called “Revenge on the Banksia Men“.  So now I’m trying to think of seven  things to share with you (about me).

  1. I love tarot cards for the same reason I love the science of geography.  It gives you a different framework to view your current pre-occupation.
  2. When I’m stressed I retreat into favourite books.  The Tao of Pooh, Kim and The Phantom Tollbooth all qualify.
  3. I love making terrible art.  When somebody actually praises my creations, I’m often shocked – it wasn’t the point.
  4. Apparently I’m not female-shaped.  It took me months to buy a climbing harness, because I’m really short, and especially short between waist and hips.  All female harness are designed longer between waist and hips.  grrrrr. I almost bought a kid’s harness before I found my new best friend.
  5. There are six sorts of icecream in my two-shelf freezer.  I think we may have to have icecream for dinner.
  6. Obfuscation is my favourite word.  It means to use big words to deliberately cloud or disguise your meaning. Defenestration is another good one.  It is the act of throwing someone out of a window, and the word was invented to describe a particular political incident in Prague in the 1600s.
  7. Which brings me to my final silly fact – my brain seems to be a sponge for useless information.  Just ask me about the history of Vodka tax in Russia, or the rules to the Buffy drinking game, or how they make seitan – actually, don’t.

So there’s my silly stuff.

Now, the next trick is to tag seven other people to play:

  1. Laura
  2. Penthe
  3. Erin
  4. Love Evolution
  5. Tinkerbell the bi-polar faery (if that’s not awesome enough, check out the url.  It makes me giggle every time.)
  6. Laura-Jane
  7. Rosie

Go visit these awesome women!  Even if they are too busy to play, they are worth a spot in your feedreader.  I promise.

Oh, and for the tagged, the instructions are:

  1. Link to your original tagger and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.
  5. Let your tagger know you’ve completed the meme.

Thanks for playing!


7 responses to “7 silly things

  1. I did it! Wow! Thanks for that! I’ve been asked to do similar stuff but never did! LOL This was pretty cool! Thanks Chicka!

  2. Frig and a half, I am in love with you. NUMBER 6! My god, that’s fun! I remember the Tao of Pooh. Twenty years ago! Shit. As to the tag, forgive me if I don’t? I think I’d need three blogs. I’ve so much stuff on deck already biting at the bit to go. But thank you so much for thinking of me.

  3. OK, no tag but I did write a post using your two favorite words. An hour later and I’m still laughing at Defenestration! I’ll tell you when I post it. Like I said, I’ve a bunch sitting there to go. It’s going on my back door (second blog) and I’ll link back to you then if it’s alright.
    happy day!

  4. Love your comments, Erin! Don’t worry at all about no tagging, it’s all fun – do whatever calls to you.

  5. playing with art, eating icecream, and being amused by big words

    we DO have a bit in common 🙂

    glad you could play along Kazari

  6. Thanks for tagging me but I’m a party pooper. One silly thing about me, though, is that I am scared of the dark. I don’t know if it’s silly or sane, but don’t expect me to sleep in a room with closed windows and curtains.

    I would never be able to keep six types of ice cream in my freezer since they go so quickly into my built-in pantry (ahem) stomach, I mean.

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