Home Safe

  • My pack was four kilo’s heavier just from the mud I picked up.
  • I didn’t get snowed on, but I did stand hip deep in mud.
  • I did two river crossings – the second one with my full pack on my back.
  • I’ve seen an eagle soaring above me while there were clouds below me.
  • I’ve waded in a lake, with a pink beach, at the top of a mountain.
  • I understand why Tasmanian bushwalkers wear shorts and gaters.
  • I discovered it is sometimes worth 8 hours hard slog in muddy bogs to climb a mountain.

I love my bed.


4 responses to “Home Safe

  1. Once when I was bushwalking an eagle surged out from under the ledge of rock I was standing on and cast its shadow over us and made a sound like corduroys on thick thighs as it forced itself up into the sky.

    It was one of the best moments ever in my life.

    No mud though.

  2. Pen, that’s amazing!
    And honestly, they can keep the mud.

  3. wow, in awe and mostly green with envy.

  4. Next time you can come too, Erin!

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