Hatching big ideas

On Sunday I started fossicking through my pile of art stuff. I hadn’t touched it for a while – I’ve been too busy writing. I just felt like it was a day to create something colourful. It’s nearly time for the next dreamboard, so I was vaguely thinking about that. I’ve also done some creative journaling lately, and came up with an idea that really resonated for now. Here’s my idea:

I’m bringing my inner world out into the light.

It seems to encapsulate a lot of things I’m doing at the moment. I feel like I’m hatching many ideas that have been hanging around forever. I’m not just telling my stories; I’m writing them down and sharing them. I’m putting more commitment behind my ideas, even if they aren’t BIG ideas. I’m putting more commitment into my climbing with awesome results. The best thing seems to be the more commitment I throw at something, the more enthusiasm I get to take home.

When I saw Leonie’s Creative Goddess Project, my messy creation made sense. The stars were aligning to help us all make plans and think big!

What are you bringing into the light?


2 responses to “Hatching big ideas

  1. How magnificent! There’s such life and vitality here. It’s wonderful to see what you are bringing to light!

  2. Thanks Jamie!

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