My inner wombat

Tonight I was stomping up Red Hill with my pack on, wishing I was bouldering or writing or cooking dinner or just about anything else.  I have packed my life to the rafters!

Returning to study has been exhilarating, but right now I’m putting more writing-energy into my assignments and less into my blog.  I want to write about all sorts of things –  recommitting to bouldering, writing for assessment, walking in Kiandra goldfields.  Oh and adversity and soultribes and creative goddess projects…

Never mind.  Before Thursday I need to pack for a hike, walk-in my new backpack and finish my assignment.  My journal and my kitchen are both feeling neglected.   My life is exploding in a hundred different directions, which is more exciting and less scary than I thought.

This is where the wombat comes in.  With so much going on, I am facing serious overwhelm.  Wombat’s don’t get overwhelmed.  But  they don’t stop, either.  They decide where they want to go, and no mountain or river or four lane highway will hold them back.  I found my inner wombat walking up Mt Bimberi.  After stopping to catch my breath for the hundredth time, I realised there was no point.  On a steep hill, it only takes 5 steps to lose it again.  So I decided to keep walking and ignore my breathing – after all, my legs were fine.  Amazingly, I didn’t pass out or keel over.  I just kept walking, all the way up the mountain.

So my inner wombat tells me:  Don’t look up at the goal, don’t stop for breath, just mind your feet and keep walking.

So I can see my amazing exploding life up ahead of me, and I can guess at some of the cool places it might lead.

I’m hoping I catch up with it soon.


3 responses to “My inner wombat

  1. Wombats must be mountaineering experts….the highest of mountains is climbed one tiny step at a time. Don’t look up – and don’t look down. Just keep those feet moving. Soon enough you’ll realize you did more than you ever thought you could.
    As Kazari wishes for herself, so I wish for her too.

  2. Oh woman, I LOVE this. so so so much! I’m such a big fan of the Wombat… they have so many great lessons to learn. I love too that they have such a thick hide, nothing affects them or stops them from being a wombat. And they are the best burrowers in the world… they make their little cave and retreat into it whenever they need to! A couple of weeks ago, I was driving home at midnight from Tharwa and had to stop because two wombats were standing on the road. They just wouldn’t get off it until I got out and shooed them away. They really, really wanted me to see them, and hear them, and learn their lessons. 🙂

    b e a u t i f u l!

  3. I have been trying to get everyone i come into contact wit to dig deep and find their inner wombat…. Once you dig deep no one can tell you anything… Moving story.. Thank You for sharing

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