No longer scared of snakes

On our big hike over the Canberra Day weekend, I thought a lot about leading and following.  But in between the deep and meaningful moments and slogging up hills, I got over my fear of snakes.  How, you may ask?

I ran into SIX of the slithering little suckers.

Here’s some other things I learnt:

  1. When you spot a snake in the bush and yell, your friends come running with their cameras.  This is completely silly, because he’s already slithered off.
  2. When you nearly stand on another snake, and it disappears, you think your friends will think you’re crazy.
  3. When the third snake appears and zips back into the grass, you start to assume all snakes are hallucinations.
  4. When the fourth snake stays around long enough for everybody to see, you are incredibly grateful.
  5. After that, you find it hard to muster either sympathy or surprise when your other friends run into their own slithery friends.

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