Pretty in pink

I get to cross two things off my list today, and neither of them happened with any conscious effort by me.  The first is simple.  Last night I watched the sunset! 

I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, and find that walking in the evening helps to tire me out.  I have a circuit that I love, through parks and past posh houses and calm streets.  When I have time, I take a big detour up Red Hill.  It’s steep, but I feel like from the top I can look over all of Canberra.  It was a blustery, hazy dusk last night, but I thought I had time to do the hill.  I wended my way up the saddle, wondering if it would rain on me.  I quite like walking in the rain.  Mindful of the gusts at my back, and the kangaroos on the hillside, I didn’t actually look up  until I reached the top.

I must have looked rediculous, being surprised by what was in front of me.  It was spectacular.  A solid grey roof of cloud, the Brindabella’s fading below like a Japanese print.  In between the most luminous slash of pink.  As I made my way up, the wind got stronger, and the sun slowly slid through the gap, even more pink itself.   I found a rock to sit on and enjoyed the show.

The o ther thing I’m crossing off, I’m not so proud of.  In between all my very personal goals, the most boring resolution of all – lose weight.  But over the last three months, what with the walks  and the heat and the summertime food, I’ve melted.   I lost 4 kilos in 3 months, and I’m under 60.  I’m not sure if this is sustainable, but I’ve bought myself size 8 jeans for the first time in years.

So happy Monday, everybody.  I hope your goals are slowly approaching, too.


One response to “Pretty in pink

  1. Big believer in small lists.

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