More love February

The multi-cultural festival has begun!  This is a great time to be loving and learning other cultures.  Last night, I went with a friend to the Arabic poetry reading event.  It was beautiful – not everything was in English, but even when you can’t understand the language you hear the rhythm and the power and the emotion.

Afterwards, my friend came home and we ate lots of icecream.  Icecream is an easy sort of love to give.

  It’s still really hot,here in Canberra.  Or as one poet called it “the capital of serenity and meditation”. Tee hee!  Is that just a more polite way to say there’s nothing to do here?


2 responses to “More love February

  1. Hmm. There’s plenty to do here, provided you don’t want some particular kinds of excitement. But there are a lot of contemplative spaces available.

    Not enough very long movies with G or PG ratings on today, though.

  2. It’s stinking, isn’t it? I’m not sure it could get any hotter, without gum trees bursting into flame.

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