Feeding my gremlins

Leonie’s e-course starts today.  She’s been busy addressing our creative fears for weeks, but I found a new one.  What if I don’t like my art, I can’t make art with spirit?

I decided I needed to be sneaky with this particular gremlin.  He’s obviously got a lot going on.  Here’s what I think he’s saying:

  1. You can’t make art with spirit.
  2. You can’t make art.
  3. You can’t write, either.
  4. This is because you are not an Interesting Person.
  5. You are not interesting because you don’t know what your passion is.
  6. You can’t make art until you find your passion.
  7. You won’t find your passion until you start trying crazy stuff like making art,  which you can’t do.
  8. Rinse and repeat.

In other words:

It doesn’t matter what I do or try, there’s something wrong with me.

Ah, hah!  I’m beginning to think this is the root of all gremlins.  Now I know what he’s really saying, he isn’t new and different at all.  He can go in the box with all the others.


One response to “Feeding my gremlins

  1. Stinking gremlins. Good on you seeing them off the premises.

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