The first day of Christmas

Happy Advent, everyone!  Actually, Advent started yesterday, with the first of four Sundays before Christmas.  But today is December 1, and I’m choosing today.  The boys are sitting in the living room, doing weights.  The waifs are being wistful and homesick on the stereo.

For me, the month before Christmas is about reflecting on the year.  I’m making presents for the people I love, and giving thanks for friendships new and old, and looking forward to celebrating with all of them.  I’m remembering last Christmas, and the impossible list of things that have happened since.

This is going to be an odd Christmas I think, with only the two of us.  We’ve been having a tough time getting along lately, for no reason in particular.  We both want to fix it, but can’t see how.  Hopefully this season of reflection will get us to our own special Christmas togetherness.  So if you’re a person of prayers or wishes, please send some our way.  We will need all the help, of any persuasion, that we can get.

In the mean time, I’m going to start wrapping my presents for family.  They are all gathered together on the other side of the country.  I should be there, too.  If I finish in time, their presents will arrive before they have to return to all their distant homes.  I’d like to be a part of their early, unexpected Christmas celebration.


2 responses to “The first day of Christmas

  1. I’ll be sending you positive thoughts and warmth….


  2. Thanks Laura-Jane : )

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